GOODNIGHT JUNE BY SARAH JIO         PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: In the great green room There was a telephone And a red balloon And a picture of— So begins the iconic children’s book Goodnight Moon by author Margaret Wise Brown. Though this is not where Goodnight June begins, this beloved children’s story … Read more


WORLD TO COME BY DARA HORN   BOOK REVIEW: A million-dollar Chagall is stolen from a museum during a singles’ cocktail hour. The unlikely thief, former child prodigy Benjamin Ziskind, is convinced that the painting once hung in his parents’ living room. This work of art opens a door through which we discover his family’s startling … Read more


THE GRAVEYARD BOOK BY NEIL GAIMAN   PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Nobody Owens, known as Bod, is just a normal boy—except he lives in a graveyard, is being raised by ghosts, has a guardian who is neither dead nor alive, befriends a witch, and is being hunted by the man Jack who has already killed … Read more


  PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Reading a graphic novel is a unique experience. It is not simply a picture book nor a novel of prose but a collaboration of the two arts, which together can create an intriguing and genuine, gut wrenching, realistic portrayal of the human experience. Persepolis, Fun Home, Maus, and Incognegro are among numerous examples … Read more


THE AUSTIN FAMILY CHRONICLES BY MADELEINE L’ENGLE PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Troubling a Star is a fantastic tale of adventure for leading lady Vicky Austen who has received a ticket from a friend’s great aunt for a trip to Antarctica! That’s right, Antarctica, where marine biologist Adam Eddington, Vicky’s friend with the endearing great aunt, is … Read more


THE SNOW CHILD BY EOWYN IVEY   PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Reading Eowyn Ivey’s The Snow Child will be a journey into a desolate 1920s Alaskan land where Mabel and Jack have decided to set up their own homestead. After the tragic loss of what would have been their first and only child, they strike … Read more