THE UMBRELLA BY INGRID & DEITER SCHUBERT    PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Ingrid and Dieter Schubert’s work is just beautiful! Among a long list of fantastic award winning picture books, The Umbrella reveals their stunning artistry and vivid, imaginative storytelling. This wordless picture book is a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection! It will leave you ready for your own … Read more


THE AUSTIN FAMILY CHRONICLES BY MADELEINE L’ENGLE PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Troubling a Star is a fantastic tale of adventure for leading lady Vicky Austen who has received a ticket from a friend’s great aunt for a trip to Antarctica! That’s right, Antarctica, where marine biologist Adam Eddington, Vicky’s friend with the endearing great aunt, is … Read more


THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES BY TIM SLOVER       PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: The Christmas Chronicles is a fantastic addition to anyone’s Christmas story collection!!! It is a beautiful telling of the Santa Claus tale. If you think you’ve heard every rendition of the Santa Claus tale…don’t miss out because this one is fantastic and … Read more


SILENT TO THE BONE BY E.L. KONIGSBURG   PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Konigsberg’s novel Silent to the Bone is a unique and well fashioned story for young readers that reinforces positive themes including the observations that true friends will accept you for who you are, understanding comes from experience and silence can be a tool … Read more


WINTER BLOOM BY TARA HEAVEY     PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Winter Bloom depicts a beautiful metaphor between a neglected walled garden in Ireland that has been overgrown with tangled weeds and brambles and an unlikely group of volunteers who come together and struggle to revive the garden as well as their own lives. Will … Read more


RAMEN NOODLES, RENT AND RESUMES BY KRISTEN FISCHER   PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: An absolutely necessary read for anyone who is entering college, in college or finishing college! Not only are there valuable tidbits for managing college life, including a few financial tips, the authentic accounts of college experiences revel that what you are experiencing … Read more


TURN LEFT AT THE TROJAN HORSE BY BRAD HERZOG    PURPLE TREE BOOKS REVIEW: Brad Herzog’s Turn Left at the Trojan Horse is a fantastic mix of travel, mythology, self-discovery and humor written in a quality narrative tone. Wandering across the country with the works of Emerson and Homer at hand, Herzog attempts to discover … Read more